Pan-tastic Pandamonium!

Sad Panda is one of the most beloved brews in NoCo. This coffee stout made Horse & Dragon a household name in Fort Collins. So it was no surprise when nearly six years after the beer originated, an entire festival was built around Sad Panda. Pandamonium was an idea that Josh, their Head Brewer, had suggested and approached the owners about. They loved the idea, and decided the festival would … Continue readingPan-tastic Pandamonium!

Lost in the Secret Garden

When we arrived at New Belgium, about 10 minutes before the doors opened, a line had already formed. Adorned with flower crowns I crafted for us, Erika and I eagerly waited for the doors to open. We pointed out woodland themed costumes to each other, including an adorable mushroom in front of us. Five minutes before the door opened, the line had reached the street. Once we walked in the … Continue readingLost in the Secret Garden

7 Reasons to Visit 5030 Local

When Jesse Sommers, co-owner of Berthoud Brewing and partner at 5030 Local, invited us to their new-ish space in Loveland, we were very excited! All the women of Lace & Lager are fans of their original location Berthoud Brewery and their product. Their beer is clean, interesting and always varies. The small town vibe of their original location is inviting, with a taplist always leaving you wanting just one more. … Continue reading7 Reasons to Visit 5030 Local